28 September, 2006

"Long since dried when we are found, are the tears in which we had drowned..."

I won't explain why I didn't write anything in here. Life has changed and every one who knows me, knows why I'm so vacant these times...

Never the less, life goes on and there's no reason anymore to look behind...though I have to ask one question (it's for one person, who once read my blog. I would like to hear her answer...): Why is it so hard for people to trust in each other? If I had told you, that I want to become your friend (and by this, I don't mean boyfriend), why would you have thought bad of me? I can accept, that we never ever met or that you won't even talk to me by now, but I'd like to know the reason for it...were you afraid of meeting a jackass with nothing on his back? Or were you more afraid of meeting a gentle person who's acting like no one you've ever seen before? Hmm...guess I'll never know it...(but if you want to give me an answer...don't hesitate to write it down)

Yep...don't know what to say by now...2 days left to work and then party on Wayne!

Greetz and good night, good fight!


Anonymous Elli said...

I love you tiger *knuddel*

12:23 AM  

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