31 Juli, 2006

Hey folks!

This weekend's almost done and what a weekend it was...Though I'm all alone, stumbling solitudely through this world, I spent a good time with my friends. Well, my parents left on friday and just came back, so I had the whole home for me. Went working for 7 hours at Saturday and still had enough energy left to go to a school party in town.
Sunday was boring at its beginning but then it turned out to have so much more in behold for me. After training for nearly two hours with the sword I went home and found myself chatting again with what seems to be an angel for me...I can tell, right now, right here, there's nothing more that I could have used than to have some great conversations. I always feel freed and it seems that I can find a little peace inside myself within these words that I'm giving and taking. Well, I guess no one really understands what I'm trying to tell...well, then just understand that I'm happy to be...